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Yangshan Marine was founded in 1992, located in Shanghai, China. We are the main supplier of Marine Machinery spare parts in China, having most of main parts completed with approval from classifications such as LRS,DNV-GL,ABS and CCS. We supply full range of cylinder liner, cylinder cover, piston crown, piston skirt and cooling jacket for HHM,DMD and YMD made MAN and Wärtsilä diesel engines, most of them are from our stock.
We believe “Service Create Value, Engage Our Future”!

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Products are exported to the Yangtze River, Bohai Sea, East China Sea, South China Sea, etc.
Coastal areas as well as Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia,
The world's shipbuilding powers such as the Middle East, Europe, and South America.


All products are strictly in accordance with the quality and technical requirements of the OEM.
Establish a corresponding product inspection system
Incorporated into the OEM system


Production of various types of ship mainframe spare parts, auxiliary machine spare parts, supercharger spare parts, air compressor spare parts, water pump spare parts, container lashing parts, life-saving fire-fighting equipment, other products

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